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Category: ONCOLOGY

Effects of Modern Chemotherapy Regimens on Spermatogenesis and Steroidogenesis in Adolescent and Young Adult Osteosarcoma Survivors

NCT#/Phase: NCT03206450
IRB#: 2019-003
Description: This research trial studies saliva, semen, and blood samples to determine effects of chemotherapy on fertility in osteosarcoma survivors. Study biospecimen samples from osteosarcoma survivors in the laboratory may help doctors learn whether chemotherapy causes fertility problems and to learn more about the long term effects.
Inclusion: In order to be eligible for this study: 1. Patients must be Male 2. Paients must be = 18 and = 50 years of age at the time of enrollment 3. Patients must have received upfront therapies for Osteosarcoma, which included cisplatin (with or without other agents). 4. Patient must have completed cancer treatment = 2 years prior to study enrollment 5. Patient must be an osteosarcoma survivor without a systematically treated relapse or subsequent malignancy 6. Patient must be able to speak, read and write in English, French or Spanish
Enrollment Status: Open for enrollment
Sponsor: COG
Principal Investigator(s): Carla Golden, MD
Contact(s): Sheila Contapay-Tabilin, BSN, RN (510-428-3885 x 2611)
COG CRA Office (510-428-3885 x8334)
Study Link: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03206450

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